Students Bar Porto

Porto has an amazing and well organized nightlife. The three main areas are industrial area of Porto where you can find Discotheques, the Ribeira area located near the rio D’Ouro with bars and esplanades but mainly in the summer and finally you can find in city center near Piolho café a street full with bars and with lots of people, many Erasmus Student can be found here.

The night start is at Piolho

students bar porto

For many years Piolho café (original name Ancora D’Ouro) has been a student meeting point at night. If you go there you will easily find another Erasmus Students.

In Piolho café you can also eat the famous delicious snack “Francesinha”, special drinks and try this great environment to start your Student Night!

A few meters away from Piolho you can also find another nice café, Espaço 77, it’s a coffe, that you can find opened until late in the night. It’s also a good place to eat a snack. You can buy a bottle of Super Bock beer for a very low price (0,50 €), they have around 14 different shots for a 1,50 €.

You cannot smoke inside but they have a backyard where you can go out for smoking and if you want before you go to students bar Porto city center you can challenge your friends to play billiard in Espaço 77.

In this same street you will always find lot’s of bars and see a lot of new faces in a party environment.

 It’s time to go to students bar Porto

Student Bars Porto center

Let’s go to the students bar Porto because it’s time to listen to some music and have some drinks, let the party start!

First let’s get walk to Rua das Galerias de Paris, nº56 and go inside Restaurant Galerias de Paris, wich is a café and restaurante by day and transforms into a crowded bar by night and is one of the trendiest places in Porto city center.

Let yourself be amazed by the beautiful vintage decoration in Galeria de Paris Restaurant!

After a few drinks and some fun, let’s change place, on the same street you find Plano B! Another Students bar Porto! Plano B it’s a house with several rooms transformed into club with a retro style decoration has live music, Dj’s, art exhibitions and crowded with a student environment!

Have Fun!

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