Erasmus Internship Porto

Erasmus Internship Porto

Would like to do your Erasmus Internship Porto

If your answer is yes, read this article, and find few tips about what you need to do and where to find your Erasmus Internship Porto opportunity.

Preparing your Erasmus Internship Porto

The time for doing your Erasmus internship Porto has arrived, first thing you need to do is prepare your curriculum, this is an important part so dedicate some time doing it. Remember that quantity is not the same as quality, so it’s better to have a curriculum made with quality instead of quantity of words. Should be easy to read, use short sentences and a good visual look. There are hundreds of sites with tips on how to do a curriculum on the internet make a google search on that matter and read a few to gather some information before you start doing your curriculum.

Where to look for Erasmus Internship Porto?

The first place to search is in your University, many Universities have contacts with companies that are looking for students to do Internships. For example, take a look at IPP – Instituto Politécnico do Porto ( Portugal ) website, they have some jobs and Internship opportunities, click here to visit or click here to also see all job opportunities.

 Find a place to stay while doing Erasmus Internship Porto.

The cheapest place for a student to stay is a room rent for students with all bills included in the monthly fee, so you don’t have unexpected surprises. We rent rooms for students with both bus stop and metro station near, we can rent you a student room in an apartment or in a house, to see Porto student rooms to rent in apartment details, click here. But if you prefer to rent Porto Erasmus Student Room in House, click here to see details.

To Book your Student Room now…

Book your Student Room Porto Early on…guarantee a place for you to stay in your Erasmus Program!

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